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Use LifeTrack to score 9 key areas of your life to begin building stress-free wealth. 

Our LifeTrack tool is a self-assessment excel spreadsheet that will give you clarity about how to live a more balanced life. Why is that important? More balance leads to less stress. Less stress leads to more happiness.

  • Find a better life/work balance
  • Find more time for what's important
  • Build stress-free personal and monetary wealth



Why LifeTrack?

Our self-assessment tool will help you create a game plan for achieving a Good Life.

Find Balance

Understand and reflect


Understand and reflect on the 9 key areas of life that mean the most to you.

-  Family
-  Health & Fitness
-  Play/Vacation
-  Work/Career
-  Education
-  Spirituality
-  Money
-  Community
-  Social Networks

Find Time

Focus and clarity

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After you know what is important to you, you will be able to prioritize your life goals and formulate a real game plan for your future.

By having your goals clarified and written out, you will be in better control of your time and destiny — and ultimately, achieve the personal, professional and financial results that you want.

Build Stress-Free Wealth

Set goals, collaborate, review

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After you review your score and understand the priorities, you can set clear goals and objectives for how you will commit to achieving them. Talking to family members and trusted advisors throughout this process will also support your success.

By reviewing your LifeTrack goals annually, tracking progress, and making necessary adjustments when life happens, you will build — and enjoy — stress-free personal and financial wealth. 


McKinley Carter Wealth Services financial advisors are available to assist you in crafting and monitoring a Lifetime Plan that meets your goals. For more information call 866-306-2400 or visit